Introducing Rhinolight

Allergic rhinitis can have a significant impact on a patients quality of life. With many different treatment options, Rhinolight® Phototherapy has proved itself to be a trusted method of providing relief for allergic rhinitis, regardless of the triggering allergen. Rhinolight® is a high-intensity, ultraviolet light inserted into the nasal passage to reduce, and potentially eliminate, the allergic response to allergens.

Why Rhinolight® Phototherapy is recommended:

  • It is highly effective in relieving allergy symptoms. Up to two-thirds of patients suffering from hay fever have experienced complete relief from symptoms after Rhinolight treatment.
  • It’s pain free. Thanks to the special composition of the light, patients do not experience any pain during the treatment. The light does not emit heat or a burning sensation but instead is a cold light within UV safe-range standards.
  • It’s quick and easy. The phototherapy ultraviolet light is inserted into each nostril for only 2-3 minutes at a time, with the entire procedure taking about 10 minutes total.
  • Safe for use in pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding. The treatment is not absorbed by the body, making it a safe procedure for both pregnant women and those breastfeeding. Oftentimes, oral medicines may be limited during pregnancy, proving Rhinolight® to be a positive and proactive treatment for allergic rhinitis relief.
  • Can be safely used long-term. The treatment can provide long-term relief as it does not cause any damage to nasal tissue which can decrease the need for additional anti-allergy medicines
  • Minimal side effects. The most common side effect experienced by patients is a dry, crusty nasal cavity, which is usually slight and short-lived.

Rhinolight® was adopted from dermatology research where it has been used to modify the immune response in inflammatory skin disorders. After years of research and development, Rhinolight was developed to provide a solution for allergic rhinitis.


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