Could it be an Allergy?

An allergy is a hypersensitive reaction to an otherwise harmless substance in the environment. The allergic individual may thus react adversely to a wholesome food, a grass pollen, or an animal dander. Indeed, the number of potential candidates here is endless; for it is possible to be allergic to anything under the sun – including the sun!

The reactions themselves are equally diverse,  anging from simple itch to a potentially fatal collapse. Between these two extremes, there lies an excess of misery: the ‘constant cold’, sinus trouble, skin rash, and so the list goes on. Allergy, in the broadest sense of the word, is also said to play a part in many other ailments, such as hyperactivity, migraine, arthritis, and chronic fatigue, to name but a few. Furthermore, allergic reactions may vary enormously from one patient to the next, and even within the same patient at different times…

Could it be an Allergy?  takes a symptomatic approach to your health concerns. It explains how allergy and intolerance can affect you, and then shows you how to go about dealing with your allergies effectively.


Feeling Tired all the Time

‘Doctor, I feel tired all the time’ is the single most common complaint presented by patients to their doctors. This has been confirmed by studies in the UK and the USA, in which up to twenty per cent of men, and thirty per cent of women identified themselves as having the complaint.

The difficulty facing doctors was well summarised in a British Medical Journal editorial: ‘There is no clinical problem more demanding of the art of medicine than the management of lassitude (fatigue)’. This is so because it is a subjective symptom. It cannot be demonstrated objectively by either physical examination or laboratory tests. It gives the doctor nothing to go on but your word. If you are taken seriously, a long list of possible diagnoses must be considered – from the apparently trivial, to the more ominous life threatening diseases.

This book is an introduction to the common and treatable causes of fatigue.   It hopes to provide you with a clear understanding of just why it is you feel so tired, and suggests means by which you can help yourself back towards a normal, healthy, and energetic life.

Weight Loss Health Gain

Weight Loss for Health Gain is not just another diet book, it is a book for life. In it Joe FitzGibbon explains how to understand your metabolism, the process of weight gain, and the effects of overweight and obesity on health. The benefits of regular exercise and a healthy diet are outlined.

Perhaps you suspect you have a food allergy and this is the reason you have put on weight. Is this a possible explanation? In this book you will find the answer to that question. You will discover the cause of your weight gain and you will get ideas as to what you can do about losing it.